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October 28, 2023 | 3 pm
Christ First United Church Port Credit

Welcome to the first performance of the season for Mississauga Children’s Choir!

This season is titled “Connections” and will present a landscape of connection between our choristers, our audience, and our community. Throughout the four- concert series, you will hear music that encompasses a cultural reflection through Canadian compositions of diversity and tradition. For today’s presentation we are showcasing “Beginnings,” a concert where music forges connections that celebrate the bonds between our community and home. Through song and spoken word with Lisa, we will take you on a journey that resonates with the melodies of our lives and our homestead of Mississauga.

This is my second season as artistic director for MCC, and I would like to take this time to thank you. Without you bringing your chorister to rehearsal, encouraging them to practice, asking them if they have finished their theory homework, (and the list goes on!) I would not be able to do my job! I would also like to point out the amazing changes that we have made this season as we continue our journey toward artistic excellence and improving the choral experience for all. Please take special note of the new uniforms, elevating our look to a higher standard… the choristers look amazing!

I want to encourage you to share and continue the conversation of what MCC is offering your child. Perhaps they have been singing with MCC for many years or this is their first experience ever singing in a choir. The friendships and bonds that are shared in a choir cannot really be compared to anything else… just ask your chorister! So please share – we are always taking new singers! It is our mission to “provide children with a life-enhancing opportunity to experience the challenge, joy, and cultural benefits of choral singing of the highest calibre.” Every child deserves to have the opportunity to sing in a choir and every child is welcome!

Thank you!
Rebecca Strutt, Artistic Director

Lisa Shen

Lisa Shen is a writer and spoken word artist, and the 2023-2025 Youth Poet Laureate of the City of Mississauga. Her work centers on feminism and girlhood, with secondary focuses on Chinese-Canadianism, disability, and queer identity. Lisa placed second in the country at the 2023 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam. She is the winner of the 2021 Mississauga Poetry Slam, the 2022 Ink Movement Slam, and the May 2020 Open Drawer Poetry Contest. She is also a TEDxMcMasterU Speaker. She has performed at venues across North America, from California to Toronto. Her work has been featured on CBC Radio, Rattle, and Voicemail Poems.