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Our Choirs

Our Choral Academy consists of 4 Choirs


ages 4-5

Training Choir

ages 6 - 8

Junior Choir

ages 9 - 13

Senior Choir

Senior Choir

up to 18

We are accepting choristers for January.
Sing with us!

Why Join MCC's Choral Academy?

Singing in a choir is a gift that lasts a lifetime. 

For young children and youth, the friendships that are made with others who also love music creates bonds and experiences they will cherish for many years.

Singing in a choir:

Our Choral Academy is centred around helping young singers develop their natural talents. Our conductors and accompanists are highly experienced musicians, and our interactive rehearsals focus on musicianship, performance skills, musical knowledge and having fun. We start teaching basic music concepts to our youngest choristers and continue this music education through to our senior choristers.

MCC has been a wonderful platform for many of our alumni who have decided to pursue music education at a higher level. Several of our former choristers have attended music programs at various universities, while others have pursued arts administration and have returned to MCC to help the organization.