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Enriched Theory Education Program - RCM Levels 5 to 7

MCC's new Enriched Theory Program is geared towards young singers, designed to enrich their choral experience by providing them with personalized music education. Not only will this program prepare choristers for an RCM exam, but also further develop their music theory knowledge and music literacy, helping them to excel in choir and all of their musical endeavours.

Who can sign up? 

  • Choristers who have completed Book 2 of their Young Singer’s Journey books (recommended), and/ or have had prior music education experience (ie. piano lessons)

  • Choristers in Grades 5 and up in school, however accommodations can be made for individual situations

  • If you are unsure if your child is eligible, please email jperesin@mississaugachildrenschoir.com 

What is the structure of the program? 

  • Each class will have a maximum of 3 students

  • Group classes will take place weekly over Zoom for the whole year 

  • Students will be placed into RCM levels 5-7, determined through a placement test before the program begins 

What will classes be like? 

  • Weekly Zoom classes, live with Joelle Peresin, with interactive lessons curated towards young singers 

  • Homework assigned weekly (roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour of homework per week); students to scan homework and send to Ms. Peresin for marking and personalized feedback 

  • Students will be given multiple mock exams, the first being approximately three weeks before their exam date

  • Those who choose to write the RCM exams will do so in Summer 2022, with the exact date to be determined by the student, their family, and the instructor. Families have the choice whether or not they wish to sign their child up for an RCM exam (exam fee is not included in program price)

What are the benefits to the program?

  • Unique music theory education delivery geared specifically towards vocalists

  • Classes will prepare choristers for a Royal Conservatory of Music theory exam

  • Small group classes allow for more personalized learning experience, more engagement, and more feedback 

  • Leadership opportunities for older students and mentee opportunities for younger students 

What are the fees? 

  • Class Fee for the entire year is $540.95 [$520 for 40 hours of instructional time (classes September to June, plus 3 hours that the family will schedule in the days leading up to the student's exam), plus $20.95 for RCM Celebrate Theory book]

  • Optional RCM exam fees are not included (arranged externally through the RCM Examinations)

  • See the attached Information Sheet for details about pricing

Click for Information Sheet

Instructor:  Joelle Peresin

    Class Location:  Online (Zoom)

    Class Dates:

    • Weekly Classes start on Sept. 17, 2021 - last class will be on June 24, 2022
    • No lessons from Dec. 17-30 and Mar. 18

    Class Times:

    • Level 5:  Fridays 4pm to 5pm
    • Level 6:  Fridays 5pm to 6pm
    • Level 7:  Fridays 6pm to 7pm

    Please contact us at jperesin@mississaugachildrenschoir.com for more information.

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